The Telephone Rang

In which Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams spend their lives as partners, in every sense of the word.

Author’s Note for the Entire Series

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The Second Confession
In which the partnership begins.

Last updated 4/22/11
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Author’s Note
The First Confession
King of the Hill
The Second Confession
First Date
The Box
First Time
The Course of True Love (Never Did Run Smooth)
Someone To Come Home To

It Takes More Than One
In which Steve discovers that his life has changed.

Last updated 5/26/11

Author’s Note
Cold War
A Bullet for McGarrett
Danny in Charge
Please Stay by My Side

Shame and Memories
In which Danny comes face to face with Steve’s past.

Last updated 6/24/11

Author’s Note
Some Interesting Pornography
Enter Eric
A Bad Dream
To the Future

Three Perfectly Awful Days in Honolulu
In which a very important flight is hijacked.

Author’s Note
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

NOTE: Chapters below to be uploaded after I edit things a bit.

Worse than Wo Fat
We Meet Again in a Better Place (Maui)

Naval Gazing (Short Subject)
In which Steve indulges in a gratuitous fantasy and some very lame puns.

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