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Author’s Note

So...this is actually the part of “The Telephone Rang” that I started writing down first, way back in February. I wanted to have some practice at a more straightforward action/angst story before I tried setting up Steve and Danny’s relationship, and I felt that as airplane hijackings were popular in the ’70s, it was about time Five-O dealt with one. I’ve edited the text a lot over time, but I apologize if it still bears some of the roughness of a first attempt.

The story takes place during season 3, shortly after “Shame and Memories.” If you haven’t read the earlier parts of “The Telephone Rang,” the most relevant fact is that Danny and Steve have been lovers since first season, though they live separately for the look of things. Chin knows, Kono doesn’t.

My apologies to United Airlines for using them in this context. Just as I rarely fly with anyone else, I couldn’t imagine having a hijacking with any other airline. The title of this story is a take-off on the useful and entertaining column “Three Perfect Days in (City Name)” that appears in United’s in-flight magazine, so, er, I apologize for that, too.

The imaginary country of Curaguay is homage to the ’80s TV series “Hunter.”

If anyone out there reads this story, I’d like to know what you thought of it, good or bad. I’d also love to chat with any other Hawaii Five-O TOS slashfic writers. You can email me at


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