Author's Note

Ever since I was a kid, I've made up stories in my head--generally long, complicated sagas with a mixture of characters I made up, borrowed from fictional works, or grabbed from real life. As I got older, my premises became slightly less wacky and the stories became more reminiscent of romance novels, but I never stopped. (Does everyone do this sort of thing, or am I weird? Not, I suppose, that those things are mutually exclusive.)

Anyway, I tend to mentally hang out with one group of characters and their stories for a while, then switch to a different bunch. Naturally, when I revisit a premise I often find I've forgotten parts of the story. Recently I was annoyed by the realization that I had completely blanked on the actual name of one of the protagonists of my yaoi lawyers story, and it occurred to me--what if I were to write down a story? That way it would be there for me to read whenever I wanted, without having to remember it.

So, since a few months ago I fell in love with Hawaii Five-O, and as a result have been hanging out with Steve and Danno, I decided to write down some of the story I had written in my head for them. I started with The Hijacking ("Three Perfectly Awful Days in Honolulu") because I wanted some writing practice with a more straightforward plot before trying trickier things like establishing the characters' relationship.

Why am I telling you all this? As a roundabout way of explaining that this is the first fiction of any kind I've tried writing, and that I literally wrote it for myself. It was only when I was forty-odd pages in that it really occurred to me that I was actually creating a fanfic. I poked around on the net a bit and found that there is in fact such a thing as Hawaii Five-O original series slashfic (some of it quite good), so I figured there was some chance that someone, somewhere might want to read this. Thus, I have set it loose upon the world. But, as I said, I've never written fiction before, I've certainly never done anything so useful as take a creative writing class, and I can't promise that these stories don't, you know, totally suck.

If anyone out there does read any of "The Telephone Rang" I'd like to know what you thought of it, good or bad. I'd also love to chat with any other Hawaii Five-O TOS slashfic writers. You can email me at


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