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Author’s Note

This story is based on the idea that in the universe of “The Telephone Rang,” instead of having an old girlfriend show up, as in the third-season episode “Time and Memories,” Steve would naturally have an old boyfriend.

I recommend reading “The Second Confession” and “It Takes More than One,” parts 1 and 2 of “The Telephone Rang” before reading this. If you haven’t, the most important thing to know is that Steve and Danny are lovers. Chin knows; Kono doesn’t.

As usual, I am accepting the TV show’s claim (in “Death is a Company Policy”) that McGarrett was born in 1927, and taking Danno’s age to be the same as his actor’s (born in 1937). So, at the beginning of the story Danny is 31 and Steve is 41.

I’m currently watching the TV series for the first time, and am on season 6 as of writing “Shame and Memories”. So, I apologize if anything happens later in the series that contradicts something I’ve written.

If anyone out there reads this story, I’d like to know what you thought of it, good or bad. I’d also love to chat with any other Hawaii Five-O TOS slashfic writers. You can email me at


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