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Author’s Note

I’m currently watching the TV series for the first time, and am on season 5 as of writing “The Second Confession”. So, I apologize if anything happens later in the series that contradicts something I’ve written.

I used to live in Hawaii, but it was more than a decade after Five-O ended. I’ve tried to do research when I am mentioning something that I think might have been different then, but I’m sure I’ve screwed some stuff up.

I am accepting the TV show’s claim (in “Death is a Company Policy”) that McGarrett was born in 1927, and taking Danno’s age to be the same as his actor’s (born in 1937). So, at the beginning of the story Danny is 31 and Steve is 41.

This story takes place during the first season of the TV series, so “King of the Hill” and “The Box” are approximately where they should be. Generally this fic series will follow the timeline of the TV series, but I’ve monkeyed with things here and there. Most notably, “Beautiful Screamer”, the episode with Danny’s disposable fiancée, takes place much earlier in my world.

You might recognize Danny’s temporary partner as being borrowed from a different TV series. I didn’t want to worry too much about making the character faithful, so I anagrammed his name.

My apologies to Rex Stout for borrowing the title of one of his Nero Wolfe novels, which this story does not in any other respect resemble (most particularly in terms of quality of writing, I’m afraid).

If anyone out there reads this story I’d like to know what you thought of it, good or bad. I’d also love to chat with any other Hawaii Five-O TOS slashfic writers. You can email me at


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