Miscellaneous Stories

Stories Set in the Universe of The Telephone Rang

Small Protector
In which a Five-O dectective is saved by an unlikely ally.
(Humor, effectively gen, with bonus slash scene linked at end)

Cultural Emergency
In which Kono's good deed leads to a startling discovery for the head of Five-O.
(Humor, effectively gen)

Inseparable Partners
In which Steve and Danny learn the most important thing to remember when playing with handcuffs.
(PWP, slash)

A Trip to the Zoo
In which Danny introduces Steve to a new friend.
(Humor, slash themes)

Steve’s Reward
In which Steve loves a man in uniform.
(PWP, slash)

Chin’s Responsibilities
In which Chin Ho Kelly considers the burdens of knowledge he bears for the Five-O team.
(Angst, slash themes)

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
In which some people fail to see the forest for the trees.
(Humor, gen?)

He’ll Never Notice
In which Danny borrows Steve’s office without permission for a good cause.
(Humor, effectively gen)

The Right One
In which McGarrett searches for a particular blue stone.
(Romance, slash themes.)

Trek Five-O
In which Steve watches contemporary television.
(Very short humor piece with slash themes.)

Stories Not Set in the Universe of The Telephone Rang

Can’t I Be on Top?
In which Steve and Danny argue about positions.
(Humor, slash themes.)

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