Trek Five-O

Author’s Note: This is a response to a challenge on a Hawaii Five-O fanfic group to use one or more of a list of words (from first-season episode titles) in a short work. The words were “tiger”, “samurai”, “strangers”, ”daisies”, and “fathom”.

Danny walked into the living room after finishing the dishes.

“What are you watching, Steve?” he asked, sitting down on the arm of McGarrett’s chair and resting a hand on his partner’s shoulder.

“This show called Star Trek. I don’t get it.”

“Why not?”

“Well, in this episode, ‘Shore Leave’ it’s called, these people are on an alien planet, and they’ve run into a tiger and a samurai, there are strangers lurking in the bushes, and they just walk around smelling the daisies! I can’t fathom how you can run a starship with these people as your crew.”

“Why don’t you turn it off and come to bed....” Danny suggested.

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