Chin’s Responsibilities

Author’s Note: This is a response to two challenges on a Hawaii Five-O writers’ group. The first was to write something based on the picture below of the Five-O team in the crosshairs. The second was to write a scene or ficlet about one of the “other guys”, without Steve or Danny showing up.

Chin Ho Kelley stood in the corner of the outside walkway at Queen’s Hospital, resting his arms on the top of the concrete railing and gazing out into the night. Part of his mind knew he probably shouldn’t be standing somewhere so exposed with a sniper hired by the gambling syndicate out for his blood on the loose, and that if McGarrett were here he’d chew him out for it. But Steve wasn’t here. He was in the intensive care unit sitting with Danny, holding his partner’s hand and desperately hoping for his recovery. Chin knew, better than anyone, what Danny meant to the usually stoic head of Five-O. I knew their feelings for each other before they did themselves....

Chin thought back to the nightmarish events of the morning. He would never forget Danny shoving him out of the way, perhaps warned by some sharpshooter’s instinct...the crack of the rifle, the body of Five-O’s youngest member slumping to the ground, the chaos of shouted orders and running feet. But more than anything, he’d never forget the single look of anguish McGarrett had given him, kneeling beside his fallen lover, as if he needed this connection to someone who knew, who would truly understand.

And then later in the hospital, he’d found Ben down the hall from the waiting room in an alcove beside the vending machines, his face buried in his hands. He’d looked up at Chin in tears. “I couldn’t stay in that room with him. know why.” Only I know why. The secret locked in Ben’s heart, never guessed by anyone but me. A wish that could never be, kept carefully hidden from Danny and Steve....

The call from Kono, relayed to the nurse’s station. “ Danny going to be OK? I wish I could tell him I’m sorry.” Chin had promised to let him know if there were any change. “Please don’t tell anyone I called.” Another thing I can’t tell anyone....

I know their deepest secrets. Things so close to their hearts they can’t tell each other. They’re my ’ohana, as close as the family I have at home, and I have become their confidant. And if they’re torn apart by what happened this afternoon, it will be my responsibility, Chin thought, bowing his head in grief.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn’t hear the footsteps behind him, and jerked around, startled, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He found himself facing Doc Bergman, the medical examiner and Five-O’s habitual doctor.

“I’ve been looking all over for you,” he grumbled. “Danny’s awake, and I’m hopeful he’s out of the woods. Come on, I’ll throw Steve out so you can see him for a bit.”

“You’re a braver man than I am, Doc,” Chin told him, smiling as hope returned.

P.S.--If anyone is wondering what secrets Chin knows, they are things from the present and future of The Telephone Rang. (Short answers: Danny and Steve are lovers, Ben is in love with Danny, Kono left after a nasty scene with Danny as a result of him finding out about Danny and Steve.)

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