Warning! This fanfic contains SLASH! If you are offended by depictions of male characters having sex with each other, please do not read it!
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The author would like to apologize to:

Everyone associated with Hawaii Five-O
The State of Hawaii
The Hawaiian People
The government of the State of Hawaii
The Honolulu Police Department
United Airlines
The State Department
The People's Republic of China
Madam Pele
People who hate ellipses
The United States Armed Forces
Especially the Navy
Especially for any implication that homosexuality is a tradition in the Navy
Although, I hear that in the Navy you can sail the seven seas
And that in the Navy, you can put your mind at ease
I would like to further apologize for the above apology

I would guess the rightsholders' lawyers don't actually give a small rodent's furry hind end for this sort of thing, but let's have a....

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With that out of the way...make your choice!

I am over 18 and I want to read explicit depictions of male charcters from Hawaii Five-O having sex with each other!

Ew! Can't I just read something normal about Hawaii Five-O? Like, written by someone else?